Link: http://schoolsafetycampaign.wordpress.com

The School Safety Campaign helps schools create a safety culture within their schools.

The School Safety Campaign is a networked approach to improving the safety of our children in schools. This will only work if many of us do our bit to bring the force of horror home to schools and policy makers to impress upon them the need for a safety culture and attitude in schools. More importantly, this is a change that is necessary in the minds of teachers, students and must be led by head teachers in their schools.

To this end, our first target is to create a set of safety rules that apply to all schools.

Rules only work if they emerge from the ground they are supposed to regulate. The best schools already have some good safety processes in place.

As parents and as schools, please join this effort to design safe processes that work for both our students and our schools.

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schoolsafetycampaign/

On twitter: @safesch

On Email: schoolsafetycampaign@gmail.com



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