I blog in my personal capacity at http://www.aanteladda.wordpress.com where you will find flippant articles, short stories and awful poems.


It is not easy keeping track of all the places I blog.. so here is a list:


[The ancient one: http://addacentral.blogspot.in/ (Really it has domestic lists, not much more. The rest disappeared years ago)

And another old one where I used to write on the economy http://basicfinance.wordpress.com/ ]


Hindi Poetry http://raahonmeinraahat.blogspot.in/

English Poetry:  http://thepointofatangent.wordpress.com/

Education Writings: http://eduvichar.wordpress.com/

ToI blog here: http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/educable/

The Forbes India blog here: http://forbesindia.com/blog/author/meeta-sengupta/


Oh, and I tweet. A lot. @meetasengupta

Also, among others: @aanteladda, @eduinchat (for the monthly chat), @meetawsengupta and @edustrat



3 thoughts on “Personal

  1. Meeeta you are just great. It is a pleasure to meet such a well educated person in today’s world. Great show. Proud to have a friend like you.

  2. Hi meeta,
    I have been reading your articles on business education for sometime now.
    I would very much like you to kindly share an article of yours for the members of Bombay Industries Association which have a members magazine printed once every 2 months and as all members are from different industries and mostly all are young entrepreneurs it would be very useful for all the members.

  3. The article in fobes”Do employers know what they want?” is so bang on, can i remain connected with you on this.would like to share an e-book which we published (creativity in content creation) as well so let me know where to post it

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