Meeta Sengupta works at the cusp of policy and practice across the education and skills spectrum and enjoys sharing her gleanings via her writing for a wider audience. She has been an investment banker, a researcher, an editor, a teacher and school leader across continents. A keen observer of how economics, foreign policy and investments affect the policy and thence practice of education, she works with leaders to design interventions that improve the quality and process of education. Designing education processes to realise the potential of individual students is at the centre of her education philosophy.

Meeta has worked both as a policy observer, and at the coalface of education in various roles across countries. She has served as a governor of an aided school, part of the management committee of a residential school, managed an academic centre in an elite post graduate management school and led a business school supported by a community college. She has worked with children, teenagers, business school and PhD candidates and has also worked with those seeking to rebuild their lives via education.

Meeta W Sengupta is a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts et al, entitled to use the letters FRSA after her name.

Meeta has been the founder of the Centre for Education Strategy, a Delhi based think tank that builds bridges between policy and practice for educators, educationists and Institutions.  She has been the  Senior Advisor, Centre for Civil Society. She has been a member of the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Skills Development Forum. She is the member Education Expert on the National Council of NISA (National Independent Schools Alliance) that represents over 6000 budget schools. Meeta is the founder of #EduIn, an online discussion that brings hundreds of participants together every month, in an organised discussion on key education issues. Meeta is on the India Advisory Board of STIR Education that gathers micro-innovations in low cost classrooms. She has been on the Grand Jury of the Manthan Asia Pacific awards, among others. She regularly speaks at events – both as a keynote speaker and moderator, most recently leading a few sessions at WISE-Doha, the world’s largest gathering of educators.

She has catalysed several academic start – up units in her career including the India Centre at the London Business School, Commonwealth Business Council and the Richmond Business School. She has worked in a range of sectors including commercial banking(a short stint), investment banking, publishing (non commercial), education and skills development.  She has strong research, teaching and leadership skills honed through many years of experience in academia, corporate, and multilateral organizations.

Meeta completed her MBA (PGDBM) from Indian Institute of Management, (Ahmedabad). She then led the operations team for Citibank Bombay’s financial institutions unit. She moved to debt trading and country research at ICICI Securities and led their foray into rural markets. She used her training with J.P. Morgan to bridge the knowledge divide between international money markets and rural money managers in India by leading a series of training seminars for the chairpersons of  every Regional Rural Bank. On moving to London she created country forecasts for the Economist Intelligence Unit. Spotting a void in the IIM(A) curriculum, she bridged the gap between the trading desk and the classroom by teaching a second year elective in International Risk Management.

At the London Business School she single-handedly managed and researched for the India Centre which was designed to be a bridge to raise academic standards to international levels. She also authored papers in addition to mentoring and tutoring PhD and MBA candidates. At the Commonwealth Business Council she led the research and wrote papers and books on investment issues that were a key part of their successful membership drive across 58 countries.

The opportunity to foster a new business school was too good to resist and Meeta moved to the Richmond Business School where for the first time she led, taught and managed both academic and professional courses. In the process she obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Assessor and Verifier qualifications. This deep understanding of the full range of educational options has stood her in good stead in her advisory roles to investors, venture capitalists, publishers and educators.

Recently, she was also a Fellow at the Takshashila Institution where she taught the Education Policy course for the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy; and was Visiting Faculty at the International Management Institute, Delhi, where she taught International Business. Meeta Sengupta is also the educationist on the expert panel for ETI Dynamics, a socio-economic enterprise that catalyses PPP investments in emerging markets. She also served as the Chairperson of the Delhi chapter of the Higher Education Forum and was Consulting Editor to Education World, India’s premier Human Development Magazine.

She also has a fortnightly column on Education at the Pioneer newspaper.  (http://www.dailypioneer.com/columnists/author/meeta-sengupta). Meeta blogs professionally at the Times of India as EduCable, in Forbes India as linked here (http://forbesindia.com/blog/author/meeta-sengupta/)and has an occasional coaching blog at the Economic Times called the Corner Office (http://blogs.economictimes.indiatimes.com/CornerOffice)  and personally as Aanteladda (www.aanteladda.wordpress.com). She also writes regular opinion editorials for the Mint, Indian Express etc.

A collection of her writings on Education can be accessed here (www.eduvichar.wordpress.com) and on socio-economics here  at (www.meetawsengupta.wordpress.com).

In her spare time Meeta likes to write short stories for children, indulges in wordplay via poetry (not linking the sites) and likes to travel the world. She tweets as @meetasengupta and has been told that this is the fastest way to have a conversation with her, though emailing her at meetasengupta@gmail.com does often get a response.

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  1. Dear Meeta Sengupta: I read your column in Mint (August 12) with great interest. I wonder if you are aware of EducationWorld — the Human Development Magazine (estb.1999)? EW is the country’s premier education news and analysis (monthly print) magazine with over 1 million readers countrywide. I invite you to write for our Teacher-2-Teacher page. You can check out EW at edcuationworldonline.net.
    Dilip Thakore

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  3. Wouldn’t recommend Education World. They think school education in India is all the Doon Schools and Mr. Thakore’s other ‘Blue Chip’ schools. You seem more realistic and down-to-earth, Ms Sengupta

  4. Can you please share your thoughts about school evaluation from parent’s point of view.
    I live in a new locality at bangalore. There is no dearth of schools around, quantitatively speaking. However I do not find any independent third party rating of the schools. I have to choose on basis of hearsay, opinions and biases. I do not like this. Is there a way out?
    In case you plan to write on this, drop me a mail. I will like to ‘feed’ your blog to my google reader in that case.

  5. Hi Meeta,
    very thought provoking article…need more meetas and more atricles from Meetas!!!!
    I represent EZ Vidya and we are trying to move schools from Indsutrial age to conceptual age in our own little way…
    I would like to exchange some thoughts with you during my next visit to Delhi..
    can you please provide your contact details please – ganesh@ezvidya.com

  6. Meeta, what is the best way to connect with you. I wanted to introduce and connect and introduce ‘Attano – building a smarter generation’ to you..

  7. All that you write are thought provoking, and very similar to what I ponder about. You must read Mander in HT dated May 3,2013 on education policy

  8. Dear Meeta,

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    We work closely with bloggers and influencers for many of our clients, to arrange exclusive interactions and activities. We are currently updating our database and came across your blog “https://meetawsengupta.wordpress.com/about/” while searching for the leading blogs in the field of “Education”.

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  11. Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have good views, Keep up the good informative info.Good Quality and very informative Blog!

    awesome. i impressed

  12. Dear Meeta Sen Gupta,
    We are an educational consultant company working with schools in India. We are in the print media and have a monthly educational magazine “Tutelage’ just launched and invite articles from well known authors. I have read some of your articles which have good message to teachers and school leaders. I invite you to write articles for our magazine. Can you please mail me your email ID and I can write more about our educational consultancy and other activities we do.
    Hoping for a positive reply,

    Thanking You
    With Warm Regards,
    CEO and Executive Editor.

  13. Read your article on Livemint with the mantra -Unbox. Unbind. Un-entangle. Unite. on new national strategy.

    Coincidentally, I was talking in the past month to my friends about revitalising Govt schools by creating them as community learning centres. I have been in the Development sector for a 6 years in various positions, now I do OD and learning for corporate and NGOs.
    I believe strongly that with the right approach, a local govt school (many are closing down in urban Karnataka) can become a hub of learning for children and adults, courses that can enhance the skills, earning capacity, financial devpt and management, civic awareness and rights and many more can be done for the community. The approach should first create engagement – school, children, parents, volunteers. Develop understanding of stakeholders and come up with just the right – relevant and interesting courses – ex – online shopping for sarees and basic financial management – to empower a housewife to order sarees online and sell them locally. Or – a local housewife knowing a special embroidery work can offer a course on it to others at the local school. All this to be facilitated by engagement of stake holders.
    Well this and more ideas were being discussed by us, when a friend of mine set a link to your livemint article. I absolutely love the idea of unboxing, unbinding, untangling and uniting! and believe I can help make it happen in my locality.

  14. Dear Ms. Meeta W Sengupta,

    Wish to get in touch with you to invite you as a Jury Member in the forthcoming Teachers Awards.

    Kindly share your contact, enabling me to send you invite for the same.

    Thanks & Regards

  15. Really very striking article ‘Social message matters. Fix that! ‘….
    This is what I was searching for on girls’ education.

  16. Dear Ms. Meeta Sengupta

    I have a great idea in form mobile application that can revolutionize Indian education. I am looking for advise on who are right the people to show it to and how.

    Please advise what is best way to make presentation to you.

    I have studied and worked in Australia for various project and believe that apply this experience for India’s future with your help. Looking forwards

    Jatinder Kumar Garg
    Email: jk_sydney@yahoo.com

  17. Hi ma’m. Can you please share your email id or your contact information with us since we need to reach out to you for business purpose. We tried to DM you on twitter but couldnt find the option.

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