Thrilled to share that the 9F model of education sustainability has been published here: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-16-7614-7 is the link to the book.

Chapter: 9F Framework to Build Sustainable Education Systems: A Conceptual Analysis Meeta Sengupta Pages 129-143

The 9F model aligns the divergent factors of education and builds a decision making framework that makes for robust and reliable choices. Including and aligning the 9 factors assures us of a reliable decision that can stand the vicissitudes of implementation.

A key part of the 9F model is to identify the key 9 factors of education. Factors of education are the driving forces that build value in education. Like the factors of production, they need to be applied with skills, proportion and alignment. And bear costs, have shifts and bring value add. The economics of the factors of production is discussed elsewhere – the 9F model is introduced here.

The 9 Factor Model can be approached from various angles – management, philosophy, well being, outcomes and more. People are at the core of education, outcomes the visible peak, ecosystems and philosophies form deep or shallow roots to education system design. This renders itself to analysis from any and each of these lenses.

Key to this is an understanding of sustainability of education – any education system can be sustained only if all the 9 Factors are engaged, and the decision pathway through the 9 factors is in alignment. Any decision within the 9 factors will necessarily cause shifts within the other factors, and a sustainable system builds to adjust to these shifts. Sustainability depends upon this adaptability, agility and alignment.

The discussion and workshops on the 9Factor Framework for Education lie ahead, as does further work. Critiques welcome for constructive enhancements.

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