On the Need for a New Education Policy

The 5I mindshifts required for ensuring quality education.

(Education as Investment, Infrastructure, Influence, Industry and Inspiration)


On the more specific need for a national Education Strategy

India needs an education strategy

On the challenges of forming a New Education Policy

“As the questions get bigger, they seek consistency in principle. As the same questions get smaller, they present paradoxes. There is possibly no greater challenge than designing education systems for a large and diverse nation.”

Read more: http://forbesindia.com/blog/economy-policy/designing-a-new-education-policy-is-no-less-than-a-battle/#ixzz3pN7xfyta

On the Goals of a New Education Policy

Building Next Gen Education Policy: Enabling Freedom, Choice and Self Determination http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/educable/next-gen-education-policy/


“The quest for a good education policy must begin and end with the student. Regardless of the formal structures it requires, it merely needs to answer three questions:

(i) What does a student need to know? (Are there institutions, mechanisms and people who can build and maintain this?

(ii) What does a student need to do? (Are there ways of demonstrating this for onward mobility?)

(iii) What does a student need to create access to their future potential? (Are there ladders, scaffolds, support systems that help a student move to the next level, continually)”

Every education strategy must build components that seek to enable it’s students to grow beyond the curriculum and frameworks.”

Education policy must answer the second question by creating choice in assessments – both for range and depth”

Through senior school and higher education, the policy must create spaces where students apprentice themselves to the skills of the future”

To build freedom, choice and self determination into policy, while holding the participants accountable.”

On the current state of the New Education Policy


Extract: “

A ‘New Education Policy’ must perform three functions:

(i) It must create a vision for the future of education for the country based on the context, constraints and national goals;

(ii) It must create a guideline for systemic, institutional and ecosystem reforms; and,

(iii) It must be the lead document that drives strategies for all the participants in the education system, whether public or private.

In brief, a ‘New Education Policy’ should clearly give a sense of direction to students, teachers and funders.”

On The Elements of a New Education Policy

A pragmatic roadmap


On the Design of a New Education Policy

Part 1 on the key pivots, Part 2 on a 4S framework for Policy Design


Extract: “Four Pillars for Education Policy Design: Strategy, Structures, Soul and Scores”

On the Six Principles that should be adopted in the New Education Policy


Summary: Strategy, Inclusion, Mobility, Partnerships, Governance, Freedoms

On the Five Key Ideas that should Drive the New Education Policy

Link: Video from India Today Education Conclave

Summary: VIDYA(Values, Innovation(autonomy and sharing), Diversity(freedom), Yield, Authenticity)

(Video uploaded soon)

On the need for the New Education Policy to be Student Centric, thus serve diversity

India needs an education policy that helps each child achieve their potential

A-G of Elements that an NEP cannot ignore-Solutions


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