Here is a collection of articles that articulate the issues that trouble India in its education journey and offer some solutions.

Here is one that identifies the three key questions that plague India’s education system. In addition to the quest for scale, quality, access, affordability – goals that India shares with many other countries in the world, here are three key issues that will need to be resolved before India can move towards its goals –


A classic policy question is to fix the current problems or seek to start afresh. It is easier to do the latter in industries that make products. Education is about people – about aspirations, but also about hunger and survival. This article examines the choices in the face of the leaky boat of education in India.


You cannot teach for the past, you must prepare your students for the future. What is essential for a next generation education policy – read on…


In verse, but it asks the right questions. Do ponder each word….


Finally the recommendations. 5I words that are essential to building a strong resilient education policy for the future. 5I –> Investment, Infrastructure, Influence, Industry, Inspiration. (And that includes fiscal moves to make it happen too)


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