Session Date: August 28, 2014

(Last Thursday of the month)

Storify: https://storify.com/kraghu/eduin-chat-28th-august-role-of-coaching-centers-1

Moderator: @kraghu


EduIn On Coaching

Q1. What is the Need for Coaching in today’s context? #eduIn

Q2. Is Tuition time an encroachment on student’s Play time after school? #eduIn

Q3. Criteria for choosing a coaching center? #eduIn

Q4. How open would parents and students be open to virtual classroom training? #eduIn

Q5. How to identify Quality and Rating of Coaching centers? #eduIn

Q6. What should be the Govt. Stand on Tuition centers? #eduIn

Q7.Under the law teachers are not allowed to take tuition – should this law be repealed? #eduIn


Superb reach! Over 2 million timelines impacted.



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