Project BookBoarding is a Whole Book Experience

Project Bookboarding brings children to books – not just reading but creating them too!

Sometimes in a bookshop.
Often in a library.
And of course, in their classrooms.

We tell stories
We write stories
We print and bind stories
We share stories
And, We read stories.

Children read what is fun.
It is fun to read stories with an emotional connect.
We connect emotionally with what we se, do and build.
To build a story makes it real and personal.
We will read what we write. We read what our friends have written.
We share what we write with our friends.
Creating a circle of writing and reading.
As we come a-board Books.

Project Bookboarding works with groups of children where we build stories together and write them up together. And then, as best as we can, we put it together as a book.

When we have wonderful partners such as the Oxford Bookstore, they print it for us. Here are some pictures from our event at the Oxford Bookstore in Delhi.

Event Link here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153954735813558&set=a.10151316165948558.475179.608553557&type=3&theater

Join Project BookBoarding for a whole book experience. And watch your students and children grow their own books!